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Transient Vs. Non-Transient: The Real Key West Facts

One thing you need to know when considering investing in Key West real estate is that there are two types of vacation rentals in the City of Key West; transient and non-transient.

A property with a transient license can rent like a hotel, by the night.  A non-transient licensed property requires a minimum 30 day lease.

Transient licensed properties allow for more rentals per year and as a result you can expect to see returns of 10-12% on the gross purchase price. The City of Key West used to issue transient rental licenses for a nominal fee to those homeowners who wished to rent their homes by the night. They stopped issuing those licenses quite a few years ago, but grandfathered all licenses that were in existence.   The result?  Think NYC taxi medallions, but on a smaller scale of course.

As a result of the high demand and limited supply, transient licensed properties have been selling at a premium and even above asking price in some cases.

Non transient rentals are required to have a month long lease (minimum 28 days) and can expect to see 5-6% return on their gross purchase price.  Although non-transient rentals can expect to see a bit less in rental income they also come with a lower price tag.  You are probably asking yourself if there is even a market for month long rentals in Key West.  The answer is yes, absolutely!  Technology has made Key West not only a popular spot for the retired snowbirds but also a go to get away for those who have a little more flexibility and prefer to work pool or beach side.

The type of vacation rental you purchase depends on what your needs and wants as a homeowner are.  Whether you are looking for maximum return, a seasonal home, or both I am uniquely qualified to help you choose the perfect home for your needs!  Contact me today to talk more about investing in Key West real estate.

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