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Fixer Upper Rental Homes

So about this time last year I was preparing to purchase my first home.

It’s something that I had thought about often but in the Key West market was doubtful that I would be able to afford to get my foot in the door.  Enter Pearl Avenue.  This was a deal that kind of fell into my lap and what was a casual home search got shoved into overdrive.

This place was a fixer upper although I didn’t realize just how much of a fixer upper it would become.  What was purchased to be a cosmetic flip quickly became a domino effect of issues and I often found my boyfriend Ed looking at me with wide eyes like what in the hell did we get ourselves into?!

Here’s a before & after to get your juices flowing:


In this series of blog posts we will explore the highs and lows of homeownership & renovation life including how not to have a nervous breakdown when you go to your final walkthrough before closing and there is water pouring out of your ceiling.

I am going to break down each step of the way from purchase to renovating to listing the home for purchase to deciding to take it off the market and rent long term to how to be a landlord.


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